2017 Edition GBA flashcart EZ-Flash Reform Review


The most exciting and comforting thing for GBA fans is the fact that ezflash team has always been keeping updating their kernels and improving their GBA flashcart, despite the fact that GBA games belong to some sort of old time element. Obviously the release of EZ-Flash Reform flashcart at least prove this point.

Just got a couple of EZ-Flash Reform flashcards two weeks ago and tested them out during the past weeks. Now we will put it in detail what the EZ-Flash Reform is about, how it performs and what’s the difference/improvements compared to the older version EZ4 card.


  1. Black packaging, with the flashcart name changed to EZ-Flash Reform;
  2. Two spare cases/shells are provided in the box;
  3. No sticker any more, and the shell is made of integrated molding style;
  4. A little change in the position of TF card slot;
  5. Newly-designed PCB, smaller in size and fits better in NDSL.

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Improvements & Differences
Hardware and appearance:

  • New PCB, about half of the size of the old EZ Flash IV. Due to this fact, the PCB can better fits into the shell for the NDSL.
  • Adopts battery holder design, making is more easily to change the battery.
  • TF card slot gives up the old click design, with no spring – pure physical plug-in/unplug, more reliable.
  • Better molding and more delicate material.
  • Two spare shells, better fits into GBA/GBA SP, NDSL consoles.

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Software and game compatibility

  • There is no problem in the NORFlash chip itself. There may be accidental white screen or blurred screen problem when using GBA blacklit model to flash GBA roms to NOR memory, which results from unstable voltage.
  • Now with the newest kernel 2.04, transferring of GBA roms via EZ4_Client on PC is no longer needed, as the EZ-Flash Reform flashcart itself will patch GBA roms. I have tested about 20 GBA roms, most of them can be patched by the flashcart normally, while only about two GBA games can’t be played normally after being patched. One is Double Dragon Advance, because this GBA game itself doesn’t need a save file. The other is Mother 3, since the picture shown wasn’t complete.
  • Again, like always there is no RTC(real time clock), RTS(real time save), and also it takes time to flash roms to NOR memory. But anyway, what matters is its reliability for GBA players.
  • The EZ-Flash Reform flashcart is better in battery saving, which I guess is partially due to its newly-designed PCB.

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In all, thanks for all the time and effort ezflash team have put in updating and improving their products.

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