Blue 3DS flashcart: test and review


The BLUE 3DS flashcart can support 3DS v2.0-9.2 for playing 3DS games. Today I did a simple test on it. Based on the process of testing it, I think it’s a rather stable and reliable 3ds flashcart. And the operations are as easy as what we do with Gateway 3ds flashcart.

What is needed:
BLUE 3DS flashcart;
Two microSD cards(one for BLUECARD, and the other for the white card ), formatted as FAT32;
SD card in the 3ds console(formatted as FAT32)


1. Download “BLUE CARD 1.04 PUBLIC BETA“, unzip this file. Copy all the files under the folder “DS Card (R4i)” onto the root of the microSD card for BLUECARD. As below picture shows:


2. Copy “Launcher.dat” from the folder “BC_1.04(Public Beta)” onto the root of SD card of the 3DS console. See as below:


3. Copy several 3ds roms onto the root of the microSD card for the white card .

4. Insert the SD card into the 3DS console and then power on the console. Insert BLUECARD (with microSD card in) into the 3ds console. Select the flashcart icon and press A.
Then the screen shows as below:


5. Select “NVRAM INSTALLER” and press A. Press A again to continue.
Then select the Console type and press A; then select the Console region and press A,
and after that PROGRAMMING & VERIFYING begins. As below shows:




6. After it is done, press A to exit.


7. Then it will prompt you to press HOME button or POWER OFF button. Please make sure to press HOME button to return to HOME menu! (Do not press POWER OFF!)


8. At the HOME menu, select System settings-Other Settings- Profile- Nintendo DS Profile successively.



9. Then the Blue 3D Card menu will show as below:


10. Pull out the BLUECARD and insert the White card(with microSD card and 3ds roms in)
Select the first “BOOT BLUE3DS MODE” and press A.
After a few seconds, it will go to the HOME menu. Now the flashcart icon is empty.


11. Press SELECT button and the game list will appear, as below:


12. Select one 3ds rom and press A to start.


13. Game time !

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