EZ-FLASH Redux cheat usage

Requirement:A9LH or other exploit With A9LH exploit for example in this tutorial. Install: 1)download “” Decompress both of “BootNTR.cia” and “ntr.bin” to the SD card of 3DS/2DS console. 2) Direct boot without EZR mode, Use…


Gateway 3DS cheats database 2016 version is released

Downloading: CheatCodesForGW_v1.0 Introduction about the content construction CheatCodesForGW 1.0.exe: the main program gwcodes.mdb: database file dats: cheat code folder 0004000000xxxxxx.ngg: cheat code file, the file extension need to be changed from “.txt” into “.ngg” to…


Sky3DS DiskWriter V2.02b1

SKY3DS DiskWriter V2.02b1 is released by SKY3DS team at 04/17/2015. Main Change logs: 1. Tiny bugs fixed. 2. Added microSD card space management feature. Note: You have to convert your old saved data on microSD…