DSTWO PLUS: cheats and RTS for NDS games


There have been many posts about DSTWO PLUS playing 3DS games. Today we talk about cheats and RTS for NDS games with DSTWO PLUS flashcart.

Only with the folder “_dstwo” from the DSTWO PLUS EOS v1.14 and several NDS roms, we are unable to do the cheat thing.

We still need the cheats file. For my test,  I simply copy the “usrcheat.dat” file under the folder “cheats” from R4i SDHC Dual Core flashcart’s firmware v1.72.  (The “usrcheat.dat” file  was copied into the “_dstwo” folder) And it really works !


Now I am playing the Super Mario 64 DS. After go into the game, I press L+R+START button combo to bring out the menu. Then select “cheat code” and press A. Now you can select the cheats you want to use. I select”All castle doors unlocked””Infinite lives”,”Infinite health” and so on.



Therefore, during the game playing the doors are all unlocked. And other cheats features are realized likewise.



When I play to some stage, I want to stop for a while and continue to play next time. So I press the L+R+START button combo again, and then choose “save”. Then it will let you to choose a file slot to save the current status into. I choose one and press A. Then the save finishes.

Now after the saving, I press L+R+SELECT button combo for reset and I am able to go back to the game list and further to the DSTWO PLUS system menu to do other things, like playing GBA games.

The next time you want to play the NDS game starting with the saved status you want. Just go into the game, and then press L+R+START button combo, and then choose “load” to start with the previously saved game status.


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