EZ-FLASH Redux cheat usage


Requirement:A9LH or other exploit
With A9LH exploit for example in this tutorial.

1)download “BootNTR.zip
Decompress both of “BootNTR.cia” and “ntr.bin” to the SD card of 3DS/2DS console.


2) Direct boot without EZR mode, Use the FBI or other CIA installation tools to install BootNTR.

Choose SD and press A

Choose BootNTR.cia and press A

Back to the system after the success of the installation and show “small rocket” icon. That means installation is successful.


After the above steps you can start using the cheat function with EZR.

Using Cheat:
Search and download the cheat files.
usually the cheat file should be XXXXX.plg

For example Super Mario Bros2(Japanese version):
1)Create a new folder named “plugin”
2)Create a new folder named “000400000007AD00” in folder “plugin”
3)Copy the cheat file in folder “000400000007AD00”
4)Put the SD card back in the 3DS
5)Plug EZR into 3DS and press down+power into EZR model.
Choose the icon “small rocket”

Upper screen will splash a blue screen then quit to the system menu automatically, then press the “select” to show the Game List.

Press A to launch the game and the upper screen will splash a green screen, it means the cheat has been loaded successfully. Some cheats need to press X + Y in game should show the menu and toggle the cheat.

Other cheats have not the cheat menu, they use hotkey to toggle. Super Mario Bros 2 for example,it uses “select” to toggle cheats in the game.

Each game uses different hotkey.
please check the hotkey when you download the cheat file.

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