EZflash team announced its new successor of EZ-FLASH IV–EZ-FLASH Reform!

EZ-FLASH IV has been an classic GBA flashcart for a long time, though for some guys GBA game-playing maybe old and out of date.

Now ezflash team has announced a successor of the old EZ-FLASH IV cart, which is the EZ-FLASH Reform card!

What EZ-FLASH Reform is featured with:

  • Reduced the PCB size significantly
  • Two spare cases in the box
  • Change the case easily to suit the all consoles
  • Battery replaceable (CR1220)
  • Works similar as EZ-FLASH IV
  • Using new EZ4Kernel
  • Supports MicroSDHC up to 32GB

reform01-740x494 reform04-740x490reform06-740x552reform07-740x531reborn05-740x425

Compared to the old EZ-FLASH IV flashcart’s seemingly clumsy size, EZ-FLASH Reform has a much more compact and suitable appearance.

In addition, EZ-FLASH Reform’s battery is the CR1220 and can be replaceable by simply buying such a battery online.

Judging from the comment section on its official website, the many GBA fans are expecting such a new successor!

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