MultiKernel for GW&MT blue card MK01-2

Since the last version,I’ve recieved some replies and modified the MK01 Kernel.Now a release of MK01-2 comes and fixes language error of MS2!In the MK01-2 there’s an instructor named ReadMe.txt,which helps you to know more about this MultiKernel.
Functions of this MultiKernel
1.DSI skin imitated,choose a icon just by tapping left/right botton
2.wood 1.62 for NDS game support.
3.Moonshell2.10 with full function supported
5.Emulators supported

How To Use
NDS game:Put your rom in any directory(suggest root),load it by wood 1.62.
Multimedia:Moonshell 2.10,you can run these file by Moonshell:*.nds *.gb *.gbc *.nes *.ipk,etc.NDS ROM will automatically load wood.
GW Installer:Run this software to creck 3DS.Insert the GW red card to run 3DS game.
GBA Emulator:load /__rpg/Apps/patch.pat as a patch,then choose a *.gba in any directory,press A until the game runs.
FC Emulator:Put your game into root:/SNES/,choose one in the emulator.
other Emulators:Choose one game in the emulator then run it.Games can be put in any directory.
Cheat DB:Put a UTF-8 USRCHEAT.DAT to/__rpg/cheats/

Changelog(both GW and MT)
1.More emulator added & optimize directory
2.Add icons for the main UI
1.Add NES FC emulator
2.updated GW INSTALLER to OMEGA 2.1 version
3.switch to wood kernel when you run a rom in Moonshell2.10(can’t directly run a rom yet)

Download link:

Name:Gateway Blue Card MultiKernel
Link 1:

  Gateway Blue Card MultiKernel (22.2 MiB, 4,270 hits)

Link 2:

Name:MT Blue Card MultiKernel
Link 1:

  MT Blue Card MultiKernel (19.1 MiB, 3,818 hits)

Link 2:

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