Playing Animal Crossing – Happy Home Designer with Gateway 3ds flashcart on my 3DS v4.5.0


I have been always wanting to play Animal Crossing – Happy Home Designer USA 3DS on my 3DS console v4.5.0-10U.


But it won’t allow me to play unless I upgrade the firmware to 9.8.0-10U as it prompts. The problem is I never plan to upgrade my console firmware.

Now, the Gateway 3DS flashcart solve this problem.

1. Firstly, after I operate all the stuff after the blue card’s “Programming & Verifying” and Select “System Settings-Other Settings-Profile-Nintendo DS Profile”, the Gateway Menu appears.

2. Then press and hold DPAD UP button, and at the same time select BOOT GATEWAY MODE and press A button.

3. After this, it will go back to the HOME menu after a few seconds. Now you could release your finger from the UP button of DPAD.

4. Press SELECT button, select the game “Animal Crossing – Happy Home Designer USA” and press A.

5. Then it will prompt you to upgrade to v9.8.0-10U to play this game. (Make sure that you are in the EmuNand mode at this moment, before you do the update !!!)


6. Press A to continue and upgrade the EmuNand to be V9.8.0-10U.



7. After it finishes, it will let you to restart the system. And when you are back on the HOME menu, do all the needed procedures needed by Gateway 3ds and BOOT GATEWAY MODE.

Then, finally at the HOME menu, press SELECT and choose the Animal Crossing – Happy Home Designer.



Now just enjoy playing !


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