R4i-B9S flashcart: tested and impression


Got a R4i-B9S from max-console.com yesterday and tested it out. At the beginning my Old 3DS is on firmware v11.6.0-39U, and finally I managed to use R4i-B9S flashcart to hack the console and install 3DS CIA games. Take a look at the following pictures: I installed a US region 3DS CIA as well as a Japan region CIA.

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. Please make sure the first SD card is the original one of your 3DS console, otherwise it will show errors when installing B9S.
  2. At step 5, please remove the magnet first and then hold power button to power off, otherwise the 3DS console can’t be powered off.
  3. At step 12, When it shows “copy successful”, first click A and then click B to return to B9S menu. Only at B9S menu can you press Start button and reboot the system.
  4. Make sure the targeted SD card(for installing games) is authentic TF card, and with enough capacity, otherwise the convert and installation of CIA games may fail

IMG_8641 IMG_8655IMG_8630IMG_8636IMG_8674 IMG_8686 IMG_8692

2017/10/10 (updated)
Just got the B9S updater from the r4i-sdhc factory and have successfully switched the R4i-B9S card to R4i-SDHC NDS flashcart.

Here are the steps:
1. Copy r4i-sdhc.firm to SD:Luma\payloads
2. Copy r4i-sdhc.bin to SD:nrtboot, create “ntrboot” directory if not exist.
3. Press “START+POWER” button to run r4i-sdhc.firm.
Note: this can only be used for flashing R4i-B9S card and cannot be used for other cards.

Take a look at the following pictures:

1 2345

2017/10/12(updated)– about R4i B9S Card brick

The r4i-sdhc team replied to me just now about the R4i B9S card brick issue.

They apologized that when releasing the flasher they haven’t considered the problem that each R4i B9S card has a different KEY, which led to failure in being recognized by the software.

In addition, for customers who has a R4i B9S card brick, the factory is willing to resend a free new R4i B9S card. So please contact them at email address: r4ib9s@yahoo.com

Hereby thanks in advance for their initiative to take the responsibility!

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