R4i Gold 3DS Plus is just released by R4ids team!

R4i Gold 3DS Plus

2017 is the year of NTRboot for flashcart market, as many flashcarts are coming out one after another, for example R4i-B9S, Ace3DS X. Now this time r4ids.cn team has released a new card R4i Gold 3DS Plus — an upgrade version of it’s old R4i Gold 3DS RTS!

Main features of R4i Gold 3DS Plus

  • Switch button for switch between NDS mode and NTRboot loader. As we can see in the following pictures, the switch button is inside the sell of the flashcart, so you will need to open its shell when you want to switch to the other mode.
  • plus1plus2
  • Boot data is already pre-flashed and users do not need to flash it with NTRboot_flasher.firm
  • Completely compatible with R4i Gold RTS.


What is included in the package?
1 x R4i Gold 3DS Plus Card.
1 x USB Card Reader.
No magnet is provided, so you will need to prepare a magnet by yourself when using the card.

The r4ids.cn also provided a detailed user instructions, see more details here.

It seems that the steps are still some kind of complicated. Hence I am wondering maybe one day a card that can support easy installing of 3DS custom firmware such as Boot9strap and Luma 3DS with simple plug/click will come out, just as a normal 3ds flashcard do. So what do you think?

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