Unbrick R4i-B9S card with a software: Tested and successful!


I know many guys unfortunately got their R4i-B9S cards bricked when flashing the card using the first flasher released by r4i team. Though the r4i-sdhc team released an updated version B9S flasher V1.0 afterwards and even promised to take the responsibility by replacing the bricked cards, is there a much quicker way to solve the problem ?

Yes! The answer is to use Unbrick r4i-B9S software to unbrick the card!
One of my friend once also bricked his R4i-B9S card and now he has successfully restored his card and the card is now working like a charm!

Here are the simple steps:

  1. Copy the unzipped files to your 3DS memory card
  2. Make sure your r4i-B9S card is in the gamecard slot
  3. Boot your 3DS holding start and select NTRboot_flasher from the chain loader
  4. Press A at the red screen and then select “R4iSDHC family”
  5. Press the “Restore flash” option and wait.

It should read the backup and then start writing the chunks one by one (32 in total). Once it’s completed, when you boot your 3DS the gamecard should show up as Touch! Bomberman Land.

And that’s it! You can now restore it to the B9S installer mode and back to the NDS mode as normal using the official B9S flasher V2.0 from the R4i-SDHC website.

Finally, good luck!

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