What’s the safe, fast and trustable site to buy R4i and SKY3DS+ card with reasonable price?

Are you intending to buy a R4i or SKY3DS+ card, but not sure which site is safer, faster and more trustable ? Then just read on and you will find the answer in this post.

Where to buy a R4i flashcard at cheap price ?
Obviously, to play NDS roms on a Nintendo 3DS/3DS XL/2DS/NDS/NDS Lite/DSI console, you will need a R4i flashcard. Among all the R4i flashcards in the market, Wood R4i gold 3DS perhaps is the most popular and recognized one. wr4gold3ds

The Wood R4i gold 3DS card uses the famous and trusted Wood firmware, and can support the latest 3DS firmware v11.4.0-37 for playing free DS games. It features many functions such as Real Time Save, Cheats/AR, Action Replay and so on. Concerning price, R4i gold 3DS only sells for slightly over 15 Euros at 3ds-blog.com/fr. And the shipping is very fast.

Where to get a SKY3DS+ card more cost-effective ?
At this point, we’d highly recommend skyachat.com , which is the official reseller listed on Sky3DS official site. So the quality can be highly guaranteed. Concerning the cost, SKY3DS+ orange button card only sells at the price of 84.00 Euros with free shipping. So if you are looking for a trustable reseller to buy a SKY3DS+ card for playing 3ds games on your Nintendo Old/New 3DS/3DS XL console with a firmware of v11.4.0-37 or lower version, then you should just go ahead to buy one from skyachat. F

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